If you’re looking for appliance repair, Minneapolis has a lot of them. But not

everyone is as knowledgeable and as capable of doing proper repairs for appliances as

Big John does.

Now why, out of all of the hundreds of appliance repair companies in Minneapolis

would we cast our bet on just one?

Well, we’ve already mentioned that they are very knowledgeable in that aspect of the

appliance industry. Having a long tenure in the market gives you that unmatched

experience and the ability to provide an essential service to homeowners all over the

state. Let’s look into a few more reasons why we’ve chosen Big John over all the others.

Their response time is quite fast. If you give them a call now, they’ll be at your

door before you know it (as long as it’s within normal business operating hours,

of course). And that’s important if something breaks down in your house and you

don’t know how to fix it yourself.

Quality Appliance Repair In Minneapolis


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They give you a proper assessment of the repairs to give you a cost efficient

quotation before doing the repairs. They look for the best solutions for you at the

lowest price possible.

Has a firm stand on environmental consciousness. They want you to have

a properly operating appliance within your home so you don’t waste any

resources like power and water. One of the reasons why you need to have your

appliances replaced at the first sign of trouble is because they waste natural

resources. Furthermore, they don’t want these appliances ending up in the local

dump and adding more to the landfill contents.

John invests in the right people, the right tools and the right parts to provide

their service. They want things done right the first time. Your appliance uses very

specific parts and needs specific tools to service it. Having someone who knows

how to use these tools and parts will help you bring your appliances back to their

optimal operational capabilities. It’s recycling at the highest level!

And if there’s really no chance of saving that dryer or washing machine, They

will tell you immediately that it won’t be worth your time, money and effort to get

it fixed. They’re not likely to take advantage of your distress and keep you

spending for something that’s going to cost you more in the long run. And that

level of honesty is what makes make Big John Appliance Service the best appliance repair Minneapolis

has to offer!

In conclusion, Big John Appliance Service embodies all the best qualities you’d want to have in an appliance

repair company in today’s world. They’re knowledgeable about what they’re doing, they

use the right parts and tools to repair sensitive equipment, they have a firm stance on

keeping the environment clean and they have the tenure that translates well into their

reliability in this field of expertise. If you add the fast response time, favorable customer

testimonials and honest business dealings, then you’re set. This is the company you

want providing the service that you need!

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