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The cost to repair a garage door depends on what area of the country you live and what components need to be replaced. Determining what needs to be repaired can vary from a garage door opener to a garage door spring. If it’s a spring the cost can be from $150 to $250 to replace. You may live in an area like Sacramento, CA where the cost of living is high therefore the cost to repair a garage door spring is above average at $235 to $260. Bigger Urban communitites are usualy higher than medium size cities. The average cost to rplace a garage door spring in Minneapolis, the biggest city in Minnesota, is $215 to $243. Compared to a smaller city like Maple, MN that cost lower at $210 – $226″, says Dustin A with Pro Garage Door Minneapolis.

Here is a Garage Door Services Cost Report to discover estimated spring replacement costs in different areas of the counrty including Minneapolis, MN.


Estimates of Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost
Green Bay, WI $189 – $220
Honolulu, HI $346 – $384
Memphis, TN $184 – $205
Little Rock, AR $202 – $224
Denver, CO $216 – $239
Des Moines, IA $189 – $211
Eugene, OR $229 – $254
Minneapolis, MN $215 – $243
Elizabeth, OH $262 – $294
Sacramento, CA $235 – $260
Indianapolis, IN $173 – $212
Portland, ME $256 – $265
Maple Grove, MN $210 – $226