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Tips for Picking Out a Minneapolis Residential Painter

So you may be trying to decide if you want to hire a professional Painting company in Minneapolis or if you want to do it yourself.

Re-painting a room seems to be an easy task until you’re there, mixing the colors and taking the brush to a wall. Although there are so many DIY interior painting tips and tricks online, it still is best to hire an expert. And we’ve got the best tips on how to find the best pro in town:

Experience and History in the Business

There is nothing wrong with going for a company which has been established very recently, especially if you know them personally and deem them to be dependable. But those who have been around for quite a long time will surely have a team of reliable painters. And they stayed in the industry for that duration because they are trusted by many. Therefore, you can too.

Insurance – General Liability and Workers’ Compensation

Don’t just ask to see the documents proving this. Call their insurance agent and verify this as soon as they got the bid. General Liability insurance protects your property and guarantees repair and replacement of damaged possessions. Workers’ compensation protects you from being liable in case a worker was injured at work.

Good Minneapolis residential painters will want to protect themselves – and that’s how you’ll know that you can protect yourself too.

Provision of Warranties

You don’t want to be left with a wide re-painted wall which you’re not completely satisfied with. This is what warranties are for and your contractor should offer that. Don’t take their word for it. Make sure it’s in black or white or it’s completely useless.

Over-All Quality of Paint Job

Most residential painting contractors have websites on the internet these days where they post before and after photos of their work. Don’t rely on just this because it’s easy to fabricate information and post it online. Ask for the names of their former clients and talk to those people.

You should also ask about the paint (brand, mix, etc.) as well as the accessories which they use. In fact, it would be better if they are affiliated with certain paint companies and organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

Inquire about the process which they use, from mixing the paint to get the color they are looking for to prepping the house for the paint job. Fixing up the place – as it was before they came in – once they’re done is part of their job but to be sure, ask them about it too.

Meeting the Contractor Face-to-Face

To save time and avert stress, most people go for the first and / or the cheapest painting contractor which they see online. Some get lucky but most of the time, you will actually spend more and have a bigger headache in the end.

Make a shortlist of all your possible candidates based on the referrals you got from friends and families and the research you did on the internet. Interviewing as many residential painters as possible can be time consuming, true. But this is the only way for you to find out if they have all those credentials mentioned above.

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